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In the next 5 years, 3 out of 5 women may have one or more permanent cosmetic procedures done. Permanent cosmetics are the cosmetics of the future. The permanent cosmetic industry has grown rapidly in popularity. Permanent cosmetics allows one to have hassle free, waterproof color and enhancements from micro pigmentation. Permanent cosmetics allows busy people to look their best, enhances their beauty, giving them what mother nature didn’t, and at the same time helping their self-esteem. Scars can be camouflaged from accidents, burns, and surgeries to restore the natural skin color. Imagine waking up with your make-up on-you can enjoy 24 hours of beauty.

Why do women of all ages want permanent cosmetics?

  • Younger ladies want it because it saves them time by not having to fuss with their makeup.
  • Older ladies want it because their hands may not be as steady as once they were and seeing fine detail may be more difficult.
  • Ladies who play golf, tennis, or work out don’t have to worry about their makeup coming off if they perspire.

Eyeliner softly defines eyes, enhances natural beauty and compliments eye color. Eyebrows maintain brow shape and achieve a much more natural look than traditional makeup. Lip liner and full lip color adds definition in an attractive and time-saving way. Permanent makeup eliminates the need of lip liner or lipstick.

Permanent cosmetics will never wash away or smear. However, through the years it may fade and soften in color. With proper care, the procedure should hold its color for many years. If necessary, the desired color can be maintained and enhanced with an occasional touch up. All this and it can usually be done on your lunch hour.



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