About Nettie Pic
Thank you for visiting my website! I am the owner of PermanentCosmeticsByNettie.com in Boise, Idaho and have been doing permanent cosmetics for over a decade.  I have written several articles regarding permanent cosmetics which you can read here.

I am a member of The Society Of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals as well as Blood Borne Pathogens Certified. I have included some highlights of my training and what to expect for your spa like experience. Take a look around my site cause there is lots to see from information, frequently asked questions, galleries of my work, and more.

Here are some highlights of my training:

  • Everlasting Beauty in Seattle Washington
  • Dermal Source in Portland Oregon
  • Super Brows Master Class in Hollywood California. Master trainers were Anna Savina, Mary Ritcherson, and Nataliya Yeremenko
  • Super Lips Master Class in Hollywood California with Master Trainers Anna Savina and Anya Zabolotnaya
  • The American Academy of Micropigmentation Pain Control Safety by Linda Dixon
  • Shades and Strokes Optimum Color Retention and Living Color in Las Vegas with Trainers Margie Grimm and Teryn Darling
  • Shaded/Powder Brow Tech with Teryn Darling and Hair Stroke Technique Mary Ritcherson
  • Advanced Microblading Eyebrows Master Class with Master Trainer Rebecca Chung in Bozeman Montana
  • Advanced Micro Needling Class with Mary Ritcherson in Las Vegas Nevada
  • Daria Chuprys Training for 3-D Micro Stroke Brows in Beverly Hills California.


A SPA Like Experience

I use a digital machine designed in Europe. What does that mean for you? It is quiet and implants the color fast, which means, less downtime for you! Everything is very sanitary! You will see your pre-packaged sterilized needle before we begin. It is used on YOU only and then disposed of.

IMG_6510My main goal is to make your visit more like a spa experience, and have created such an atmosphere. When you walk in, you will be greeted with a cup of hot tea or bottled water, as we begin your consultation.

I know you are putting a lot of trust in me and that is why I am so meticulous and precise in applying your Permanent Cosmetics.

Please take the time to read some of the testimonials from some of my clients! I take pride in the fact that many of my clients quickly become close friends! You will be very comfortable in the heated chair with a warm comforter over you, with waterfalls and soft music playing in the background.

We will customize a color together to match your individual skin tone. We will then go over, step by step, the procedure. YOU will be in control of your desired shape and color. Nothing starts without your approval! After the procedure is finished and you are laying there with a nice cold pack over the area, you will enjoy a wonderful hand massage! Then the aftercare instructions will be explained.

I must say, my experience from the moment I walked into Nettie’s place was first class all the way. I was greeted with a cup of hot tea while we went over the procedures and I did the paper work. She explained everything in great detail as she went along, which I appreciated very much. She also made sure that I was comfortable with heat on my back, and a comforter over me. After my procedure was done, she placed iced cotton rounds on the area for about 10 min. and gave me a wonderful hand massage! She then went over my after care with me to make sure I understood everything. I can honestly say that you do “Pay For What You Get”. With Nettie, I got a “Bon Macy” experience, and with someone else, probably could have been a “Walmart” experience. I will send everyone I know to Nettie.
Cathy Karl, Boise, Idaho