FAQ Page


  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have a portfolio of “Before and After” pictures of their clients you can look at?
  • What is their “touch-up” policy? (Should be one included in the price after the first month) What do they charge after that?
  • Are they a member of the SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals) or the AAM (Amereican Academy of Micropigmentation) or a National Tattoo Organization?
  • Do they have References and phone numbers of recent clients for you to contact?
  • Can you come in for a Free Consultation? (Go in and check out their workplace. Get a good feel for this person who may be permanently marking on your face! Things to look for: Pre-packaged steralized dispoisable needles; germicidal soap; needle sharpie container; disposible gloves; barrier film on everything they will be touching)
  • Last Question. Price! You should not be shopping for a bargain! This is your face!! The going rate for an Experienced Technician in the Boise Valley and surrounding areas is between $250 to $400 per procedure. Lip Liner and Full Lips starting at $600 for both. Can’t say it enough, “You get what you pay for”.
  •  Pregnant women
  •  Blood disorders (ok with a note from Doctor)
  •  Diabetics on insulin (ok with a note from Doctor)
  •  Acutane (ok after 6 months)
  •  Recent Chemo  (ok after 6 months)
  •  Recent patients of plastic surgery (You need to heal first)

Nettie recently applied permanent makeup on a lady who is 83 years old.  She had her eyeliner and eyebrows done because she wasn’t able to see to draw her eye makeup straight anymore, but she still wanted to look her best.  Many women as they age lose color in their lips and permanent lip color is the answer to their not looking pale and tired.

All procedures are usually completed in an hour.

EYELINER – you will feel that you have cried for several hours. They will be sensitive.

BROWS – expect no downtime

LIPS – swelling varies depending upon the client.

All application implements are FDA approved and made specifically for the face.  For your protection, the sanitized implements are used only once and then discarded.

Based on hundreds of procedures I have done, my survey results are:

NOTE: This is based on a scale of 1 through 10, with 10 being the most painful.

  • EYELINER = 1-2
  • BROWS = 2-3
  • LIPS = 3

NOTE: If asked, if they would do it again. 100% said “YES” in a heartbeat. It’s worth it!

Permanent cosmetics will never wash away or smear.  However, through the years it will fade and soften in color.  With proper care, your procedure should last many years.  If necessary, the desired color can be maintained and enhanced with an occasional touch-up.

We not only take cash and checks, we also take debit and credit cards as forms of payment.