Specializing in 3-D Feather Brows

No one will ever know it’s a tattoo!

Permanent cosmetics will maintain your ideal brow shape and achieve a much more natural look than traditional makeup AND it’s always perfectly applied.  This procedure eliminates the worry of applying the ideal brow shape everyday and the concern of accidentally wiping it away.

Permanent eyebrows are for women who want:

  • Beautiful and defined brows
  • Correction in the placement, length or shape of their brows
  • Brow scars camouflaged
  • Brow color that won’t wipe or wash-off

Yes, there are many advantages to permanent cosmetics.  You can wear less make-up and look beautiful; participate in active sports and still look your best; never worry about correct shaping of lips and brows again; eliminate worries about cosmetics smearing, rubbing off and being wiped off; look great naturally and feel confident, avoid make-up allergies; save time getting ready each day; look polished without appearing made-up.

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This is the 3-D Feather Hair Stroke Method. This is a picture that shows how at application it is darker and heals lighter. Here is the difference of a month between before and after.