Day 1-3 Blot your brows with clean, cold cloth 3 times per day. This is very important to prevent scabbing. Do Not Rub!
Day 4-5 Leave Alone! Do not put any aftercare on them UNLESS they are very dry and itchy. We want a dry heal as much as possible.

The air will help them heal faster. IF you must use something …please only use a tiny bit of Aquaphor ….only apply in the am. Less is better!!!!

Your brow will feel tight and dry for up to a week after the procedure. You must keep the area moist with a thin layer of Vaseline during this time and protect the area from the sun. Do not use any other aftercare as it may cause the color to lift. Scabs will occur only if it is allowed to dry out. To avoid secondary infection, please use a clean, moist Q-Tip to apply the Vaseline and not your fingers. Apply several times a day for a week to 10 days.

On or around day 7 you will notice some flaking and the color begins to soften and fade some. This is normal and to be expected. Many clients lose 30% of the initial implanted color. All detail work, final color modifications and finishing touches are done in the second session.

Taking a shower will not harm your work but please avoid swimming pools with chlorine during your healing time. Never use any products with Glycolic, Hydroxy, or Fruit Acid lotions or soaps on the treated area. These may fade your permanent makeup.

Whenever you are in the sun always wear a powerful sunscreen, SPF30 or higher, on your Brows. Hair strokes will fade faster than a solid brow fill, as do lighter colors. Fading is also dependent on your skin’s age and its ability to retain color. Although it is permanent, your color will fade over time. You must do your part to ensure long lasting results.

If this is your original, first permanent makeup procedure, a free touch-up, one month after the first visit, is included in the price. Additional touchup fees start at $100.00 depending on how much your color has faded.

Thank you for your trust and confidence. I hope you enjoy your permanent cosmetics for many years.  Please call me if you have any concerns.