Your eyes will feel like you have been crying for several hours. They will be sensitive.

Do NOT apply any Vaseline or Ointment to the treated area. We are finding a dry healing gets the best color retention.

You may use eye rinse or drops and may also ice them every few hours for the first two days.

You may experience swelling for a few days after procedure. This is normal and may be treated with ice packs for 5-10 min. It’s OK to shower – water will not hurt your Permanent Cosmetics.

Do not use mascara or any other eye makeup for 3 days! After 3 days, use a new tube of mascara to avoid secondary infection. Waterproof Mascara is not permanent cosmetic friendly! If you must use it, wait a month after your follow up visit. Use a gentle eye makeup remover.

If using a product like Lateese for eyelash growth, you must be off the product 3 weeks before your eyeliner appointment and off 2 weeks after appointment. This product could cause your eyeliner to migrate, as your skin is thinner when using these products.

As the eyes begin to heal, some flaking will occur. This flaking is normal and to be expected. Do not pick or try to peel this skin off. When the flaking completes, you view the color from under the skin. Most clients will see about 30% less color after healing is completed. All the fine detail work and finishing touches are done in the second session. At that time you may wish to darken or thicken your eyeliner.

Although this is permanent the color will fade over time. Fading is dependent on your skin’s age and its ability to retain color. Darker colors will last longer than lighter ones. If this is your original, first permanent makeup procedure, a free touchup, one month after the first visit, is included in the price. Additional touchup fees start at $100.00 depending on how much your color has faded.

Thank you for your trust and confidence. I hope you enjoy your permanent cosmetics for many years.