Permanent lip liner and full lip color adds definition in an attractive and time-saving way.  It eliminates the need of lip liner or lipstick.  After your treatment, you will look well-groomed, polished and have a healthy glow without looking overly made-up.  Lip colors used are very natural and soft.  All colors are customized to your unique skin tone.

Permanent lip color is for women who want to:

  • Correct of define lip shape
  • Enhance thin lips
  • Add color to missing or uneven lip lines
  • Camouflage scar tissue
  • Wear less lip liner or lipstick
Yes, there are many advantages to permanent cosmetics.  You can wear less make-up and look beautiful; participate in active sports and still look your best; never worry about correct shaping of lips and brows again; eliminate worries about cosmetics smearing, rubbing off and being wiped off; look great naturally and feel confident, avoid make-up allergies; save time getting ready each day; look polished without appearing made-up.

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