Your lips will feel swollen and dry for several days after procedure. This is normal and to be expected. You may use ice packs a few times a day for the first day. Keep a clean barrier between the ice pack and your lips. You will want to drink from a straw the first few days and avoid salty foods.  Sleep with your head elevated for the first few nights.

Please use Aquaphor the first two days only. Then switch to a non-Vaseline product. Suggestions:

  1. Chapstick “All Natural”

  2. Shea Butter or CoCo Butter

  3. Eco Lips from any Health Food Store

  4. Reviva Labs Vitamin E Stick- GNC Store

  5. The Gap makes a Lip Balm without Vaseline in it.

Days 1-3….Color will be too bright.

Days 4-5… Color will begin to slough off. Do not pick or peel this skin, it has to come off on its own.

Days 5-6 Lips seem to lose at least 50% of the color implanted (depending on the color chosen) and now they will look too light!

Don’t panic!! This is normal and to be expected. You now view the color from underneath the skin. Lips change color more than any other procedure. The color slowly returns during the month of healing.

Color can change daily, depending if you are cold, dehydrated, or on certain medications. This is because of the natural blue undertone that is in your lips. The first session is just a start to the lip color process.  All fine detail work and color modifications are done in the second session.

Avoid the sun during the healing process. After healing, whenever you are in the sun, always wear a powerful sunscreen on your lips, SPF30 or higher. Also, NEVER use any lotions or soaps containing Glycolic, Hydroxy, Fruit Acids on your lips.

Although this is permanent the color will fade over time.Lighter colors will fade faster than darker colors. Fading is also dependent on your skin’s age and its ability to retain color.

If this is your original, first permanent makeup procedure, a free touch-up, one month after the first visit, is included in the price.