Here are what my clients are saying…

I went to Nettie to have my Eyeliner done. I loved it so much that I went back to have my Lipliner and Full lips done as well. The best thing I liked about Nettie, is that she gives 100% customer satisfaction! Really, she called me several times after the procedure to check on me! (Who does that!?) When I can back for my one month “touch-up” ( which I didn’t think I needed) because the color was perfect, she explained to me it was necessary, to “insure” my color for hopefully years to come! This has been  over a  year ago that I had my makeup done, and whenever I run into Nettie, she is literally scanning my face to make sure it is “still” perfect!!!!
Paula Anthony, Boise Idaho
I can’t believe the difference in my before and after pictures! I didn’t think I needed brows until Nettie drew one on and showed me the difference between the two! WOW! The Eyebrows truly do frame a womans face!  I had Eyeliner and Brows done and you better believe Im coming back for the lips!
Caroline Brundge, Boise Idaho
It is so nice to get straight out of the shower and be ready to go out in moments without hassling with my makeup!!! Now, I always feel ready to “hit the town”! Thanks So Very Much Nettie!
Darla Curtis, Boise Idaho
I have been wanting to do this for a long time. When I found out Nettie was doing this, I knew I had found the right person to do it! I had everything done and my only regret is that I didnt do it YEARS ago! I love it and Im thrilled to wake up every morning with it there!!!
Nomi Darling, Twin Falls
I must say, my experience from the moment I walked into Nettie’s place was first class all the way. I was greeted with a cup of hot tea while we went over the procedures and I did the paper work. She explained everything in great detail as she went along, which I appreciated very much. She also made sure that I was comfortable with heat on my back, and a comforter over me. After my procedure was done, she placed iced cotton rounds on the area for about 10 min. and gave me a wonderful hand massage! She then went over my after care with me to make sure I understood everything. I can honestly say that you do “Pay For What You Get”. With Nettie, I got a “Bon Macy” experience, and with someone else, probably could have been a “Walmart” experience. I will send everyone I know to Nettie. 
Cathy Karl, Boise Idaho
As a busy professional in the world of real estate, I wanted to save time each day-but more importantly I wanted to look better and feel better when I’m NOT wearing makeup. Nettie did my eyebrows, my lip liner and eye liner, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Her skill is impeccable, her attention to detail unmatched and most of all, she cares deeply about your comfort and satisfaction. I highly recommend permanent makeup-and trust Nettie Cumpton above all others in applying it.
My name is Ranae Jaques, 41 years old. I was referred to Nettie for permanent makeup by an anesthetist that I work with. When I first met Nettie, she immediately put me at ease. I had decided to start with the eyeliner. Although I was nervous about feeling pain, I was pleasantly surprised during the procedure that I felt nothing uncomfortable. My results were fabulous! I can’t thank her enough.
Ranae Jaques, Boise Idaho
There is no one else in the world I would ever let this close to my eyes. I trust Nettie to the utmost extent and recommend her to anyone. Her technique is perfect, even more importantly , she deeply cares about the results! So I had her do my lips, and eyeliner, and brows and it was WORTH traveling from Seattle, Wa. to have her do it! Thanks Nettie!
Scheris Warmbrodt, Microsoft
Because of an accident earlier in my life, I was left without an eyebrow ab ove my right eye. I had really wanted to get the permanent makeup, but I was scared for two reasons: what if the person doing it didn’t make it look like an eyebrow, and would I be able to take the pain of being tattooed through the scar tissue? My sister told me about Nettie. I made an appointment and couldn’t wait to get it done. Nettie was so professional and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. She talked to me about everything she was going to do, before she did it, and talked to me about any discomfort I may be feeling. I felt a little discomfort, but believe me it was nothing that I couldn’t handle. When the procedure was finished, I cried. I finally had an eyebrow. I was finally going to be able to get up in the morning and not have to worry about applying an eyebrow before I left the house. I went back for the eyeliner and I am so happy that I would do it all again in a heartbeat. It’s a very nice feeling to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and see the enhancement in my eyes and my beautiful eyebrows. Thank you Nettie for making me feel so good.
Just wanted to tell you how proud I am of what you’re doing with your makeup business. I know you recognize it but you need to hear it every once in awhile…for some people it is just a vanity thing but for the rest of them you offer an invaluable gift. Beauty, self esteem and a new outlook on a tired life well lived. I think about this alot. My little sister works at an Assisted Living Housing. These people are in the twilight of their lives and need constant care. It’s embarassing and difficult for them. She loves them and does the intimate things for them that they can no longer do for themselves. But I tell her its more than a’s a gift. She gives them comfort & dignity in the last days of their lives. I feel the same about you Nettie. What you  do is more than a job or career. You have a gift and the service you provide is more than just looking nice…it’s a new beginning and the courage to face this challenging world that is so critical of how we look. Just wanted you to know. Love you.
Hi Nettie I just want to thank you once again for your time today and for allowing me to make an informed, non hasty decision with absolutely no pressure. I will check out two other places before deciding if this is something I really want done. Thanks again! Regardless of what I decide, I will be sure to mention I did see you for consult and you are friendly, accommodating, and took the time to educate me about the procedure. Also, you are very honest and upfront. I’m curious about what I’ll be told by someone else.Will they tell me what I want to hear? You were very straightforward. Thanks again