Micro Stroke Brow Class



  • You need to have a current BBP Certificate
  •  You must have at least 2 steady years of doing Permanent Cosmetics.. I get many calls from people thinking they can just “start” doing these brows only. NO! You must have your certificate to show how long you have been doing Permanent Cosmetics. Thank you for understanding.

This is NOT a beginner class. Very advanced

You will need a sketch pad and pencil to practice the hair strokes for at least 2 weeks prior to class.

The more you practice…the better you will catch on!! Draw your brow outline using a stencil or free hand…filling in with tiny little hair strokes (I will send you my strokes to practice)

The more you train your mind to direct the strokes to lay down the better you will be! (Put them to bed! J)

I will want you to bring your sketch pad full of your practice brows to the first day of class.

What you will learn: How to be proficient and confident in doing the micro stroke technique. I will only take 1-2 students per class. Hands ON !!  3 Live models each….

You will bring your own models. Cost to them is $75.00 to cover tray set up. They need to pay in advance, so please collect when you book them. This way we know they will show up.   


Cost is $1,300 per student for the two days.

$500.00 Dept collected at this time to hold your spot.

Your goodie bag will consist of everything you will need to get started!!!!

You could pre sell 6 appts and your class would be paid for before you even start!!  Another key factor in being successful with this awesome procedure! You may use MY work to show your clients as to what you are going to be learning to get them booked! If YOU are excited…THEY will be excited!!! Offer a discount to the first 6 ladies who get on your schedule…. Get the hype going….and watch your business BLOOM as those 6 ladies go show and tell others about their NEW real looking brows!!! You may do these brows OVER work you have already done, when your clients come back for their touchups!!!   It also works GREAT over correction color.IF the color is not to saturated. This is a great “beginner” class but I strongly suggest going on to train with many of the “Masters” of PC. We can never STOP learning our trade!

Class Schedule From 9am to 12 pm …..

We will talk about the pros and cons of Micro-stroking. I will explain the difference between the Micro-stroke tech. vs the machine or SofTap. I will show you how to put your needles in your Pen. I will connect you to message boards all over the world so you can stay up on the latest! I only use LI Pigments and will strongly suggest this pigment line for many reasons.

We will talk about the different needle sizes and what they do. I will supply you with the aftercare instructions to print as well as how to order your needles and supplies and from where to get them.. You will get step by step instructions through the whole procedure.    10:30  I will give you a live demo so you can see it being done and ask questions

Break for lunch 12-12:30 (provided)

12:30 -3:00  We will draw with pencils the strokes as to how I will be teaching you to do them.

We will work on realistic face practice pads so you have an idea of how to draw them on, needle depth and the feel of the hand piece. FUN!!!!!

Practice Practice Practice!!!!

Day 1: First model at 3:00pm

You will not be rushed!! This is why I am allowing 3 hours for your first model. I will be right there with you the whole way! My guarantee is: You will not leave my class not knowing or feeling scared to tackle this on your own client the next day!!

Day 2:  Your 2nd model at 9:am

Your 3rd model at 12:00 pm

2:00: We will go over everything from the class and make sure you understand everything….And then you will receive your Certificate of Training! J   

If interested please call Nettie Cumpton 208-658-8435 or email: nettiefaces@gmail.com

Please read testimonies of some of my students below.



Comments from Students

photo-2Nettie’s ability to connect with her students is one of the many things that makes her such a great teacher. She is patient, kind, and encouraging. She listens and adapts to each persons style of learning. I would recommend her to anyone!!!
Marti Hutchinson, Boise Idaho

photoNettie was patient and reassuring, as well as thorough. She is passionate about what she does and that comes through in her teaching. I feel totally confident to go out on my own and tackle this amazing technique! Thank you Nettie!!!

Kathryne Chatelain, Salt Lake City Utah

thumb_IMG_2215_1024Nettie has so much passion for what she does and what she teaches. Her enthusiasm is so refreshing and her patience very much appreciated. She makes learning fun! Best class I have ever taken

Amber Marquis, League City Texas, Doing PC for 13 years

thumb_IMG_2213_1024The Micro Stroke Brow class was awesome! Thank you SO much for teaching us this technique. I can’t wait to practice on more clients and be great at it! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with me.

Vi Huynh,  Boise Idaho, Doing PC for 5 years

thumb_IMG_2212_1024Nettie has incredible teaching abilities. She shares her knowledge easily and is GREAT with hands on! LOVE the small class!  She makes you feel like you CAN do it!

Evelyn Morales, Friendswood Texas, Doing PC for 12 years

thumb_IMG_2211_1024Nettie so sweetly offered her time, knowledge and expertise to teach me the beautiful micro stroke brow! I feel so happy and excited to give my clients these perfectly thin, whispers of hair on their brows. Thank you so much for your generosity and encouragement. I know I am now a better Permanent Makeup artist after your class”.

Carla Nelson, White City Oregon, Doing PC for 13 years…

thumb_IMG_2214_1024Not all teachers are created equally!  Some people are born teachers while others struggle through it.  Nettie is a natural.  She has the passion, ability, and patience to teach! My very first experience with permanent makeup training left much to be desired.  My teacher, if you can call her that, made me mop her floors and chauffeur her around town when she was supposed to be training me.  She also promised to teach me two methods of permanent makeup but I was only taught one method.  When asked about the second method, she said, “why would you want to get close to someone’s eyes with a rotary tool!  She even wanted me to cut my hours short because, “I was a fast learner.” She was the perfect example of someone who was not a natural born teacher!

In the ten plus years that I have been working with permanent makeup and taking advanced classes whenever I could, sadly, most of those classes also left me disappointed.  While the majority of the classes charged an exorbitant fee to attend, very little training or participation was actually involved.  In other words, the students were not allowed to participate in most of these classes.  Their manner of teaching was watching a video or a PowerPoint presentation.  Models were not brought in for teachers and definitely not for the students.  In my opinion, that is not training.  I can watch a YouTube video for free and achieve a higher level or training than I received in most of my classes.

That takes me back to Nettie Cumpton, my crazy, sweet, upbeat, caring, and wonderful friend.  When I found out that she had taken this new 3-D eyebrow class, I knew immediately that I wanted to learn from Nettie.  Yes, this was BEFORE I even saw her work. I knew that somehow, someway, Nettie was going to teach me this technique.  Why? Because Nettie has the passion and ability to teach others in such a manner that it is virtually impossible not to absorb and comprehend whatever she is teaching.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with Nettie and would recommend her to anyone!  I love you, Nettie!  Can’t wait to see you again!!!

Marie Caraccioli, Baton Rouge Louisiana, Doing PC for 12 years

thumb_IMG_2210_1024I love you Nettie and Micro-Stroking!!! You were amazing as a teacher and covered all aspects of this procedure as well as answered other questions I had about PC.   Thank You so much!

Cori Simons, Boise Idaho, SofTap 5 years

thumb_IMG_2209_1024Nettie took her time and helped me so much to learn this awesome technique. I loved having the models to work on and I feel totally confident to start on clients as soon as I get back to my home town! I just love you to death Nettie and can’t wait to come back and see you soon!

Shauntae Chase, Idaho Falls Idaho, SofTap 6 years

thumb_IMG_2208_1024Nettie was helpful in so many ways. Very patient and always giving “constructive” Not “destructive ” criticism. She wants to make sure you leave feeling good and confident that you can do this Micro Stroke Brow procedure. She was very caring and always willing to go the “extra” mile for her students. I love her to pieces!

Karen Ahlers, Boise Idaho, Doing PC 3 years